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The Municipality of East Ilidza


The Municipality of East Ilidža covers the territory of 29 m2 and it has around 20000 inhabitants. It is characterized by good traffic connectivity, roads Sarajevo – Foča – Podgorica and Sarajevo – Zvornik – Beograd, regional road Kula – Vraca and the closeness of the railway and international airport.

The number of registered companies on the territory of the Municipality of East Ilidža increases every year. Local government stimulates investors by various programs and measures and thus enables the Municipality to accelerate its development. The advantageous economic ambient reflects in good infrastructure, beneficial economic conditions if compared with the Federation, low interest rates thanks to the program for small and medium companies development, the openness for investments, good approach to market, available qualified labour force.

More information on www.istocnailidza.net