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The Municipality of Sokolac


The Municipality of Sokolac is placed on the wide plateau of Glasinac, a gently waved upland at the altitude of around 870 m. With its area of 689.24 km2, it belongs in the category of bigger municipalities of the Republic of Srpska, and it has around 17000 inhabitants. It is characterized by great traffic connectivity, the roads: main road M-19 Sarajevo – Zvornik, M-19-3 Sarajevo – Višegrad and the regional road P-468 Sokolac – Olovo.

Economic activities of the Municipality of Sokolac are predominantly based on natural resourcesand directed to agriculture, forestry, wood industry, construction industry and food-processing industry. In the agriculture sector, there is the primary agricultural production as the predominant one, consisting of cattle production, apiculture and breeding of potato and peasant cultures.

One of the main potentials of the present and future economic development of the Municipality of Sokolac is the woodland complex. Construction industry also presents one of the branches in which the Municipality has comparative advantages, and there is also the textile industry which deals with the production of mechanically woven and hand woven knotty carpets, woolen carpets and covers for furniture and floor.

The Municipality of Sokolac plans to direct its development towards industry, transportation and tourism, and also towards agricultural production. The existing industrial zone on the municipal territory is Podromanija, with the total surface of 43 ha, while the planned industrial zones are Romanija, with the total surface of 18.4 ha, and Romaninka, with the total surface of 6.99 ha.

More information on www.opstinasokolac.org