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The Municipality of Pale

The Municipality of Pale presents an important economic center with 6500 employed in the privateand state sector.

The biggest parts of the municipality are woods and the woodland with 33.721 ha, with the total wooden mass volume of 7.6 million m3. The agricultural ground occupies the area of 14.367 ha. The area of the Municipality of Pale has extraordinary comparative advantages for an organic agricultural production (soil, climate, low degree of aero and other radiations, organic fertilizers etc.). Because of the nearness of the mountains Jahorina and Romanija, there is a great number of drinking water springs.

The natural values of the mountain Jahorina are extremely well valorized through the development of tourism, especially the winter one. Jahorina has become the most famous winter center in this part of Europe, where the winter offer makes the central aspect of the touristic offer.

The business zones in Pale are: industrial zone “Koran 1” and “Ljubogošta 1”.

More information on www.pale.rs.ba