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(in the process of implementation or preparing for implementation)


1.  The project of promotion of the investment resources of East Sarajevo

There is an attempt to provide potential investors with more complete picture of the comparative advantages, natural and human resources and potentials, free facilities, and areas of investment, industrial and business zones, state of affairs in economy, as well as other factors which would be interesting for potential investors, by promoting the investment resources of East Sarajevo. The aim of the project, beside the promotion of investment resources, is also the adoption of the Program of actions and facilities for investors, i.e. making a region the most favorable environment for investments in South-east Europe.

2.  Project for increasing enterprise competitiveness

The basic objective of the project is increasing enterprise competitiveness through networking of enterprises (clusters of Timber and Construction Industry), development of the existing and restitution of new (missing) professional associations, co-financing of the part of the costs of introducing a system of quality, standardization, certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, CE mark), improving existing and the developing new technological processes of products and services, new product design and packaging, improving marketing and export strategies, manufacturing and application of specialized softwares, etc.

3. The mini-farm building Project

In order to develop agribusiness and create commodity producers in the area of East Sarajevo, City Development Agency will support the building of mini-farms in the area of all of the six municipalities that belong to East Sarajevo.

Co-financing of mini-farms refers to:

  • Half-organic egg production (farms outdoors)
  • Cage system egg farms
  • Broilers and turkeys farming
  • Mini farms for pig farming
  • Farms for milk production through the purchase of equipment


4.  Project of help in the work of professional associations in the area of agribusiness

Project of help in the work of professional associations was launched to provide financial support to associations which gather farmers in the area of East Sarajevo with an aim of increasing production and sale, improving product quality, implementing mutual activities of the association members in the marketing and promotion area, developing production, improving technology, branding products, protecting geographical areas, raising competitiveness, expanding market information and employing workers in the area of agribusiness.

It is about farmers involved in beekeeping, mushroom production, milk production, livestock breeding, and production of soft and woody fruits, vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs.

5. Project – Revolving Credit Fund

Revolving Credit Fund enables raising more advantageous credits than the commercial ones (with interest rate of 3%, repayment term of 4 years, six month grace period). It was founded with the main objective of increasing employment, expansion of production, preservation of the existing level of employment and liquidity maintenance. Fond users can be all legal and natural persons engaged in manufacturing and craftsmanship and service trade, and whose aim is, above all, increasing employment and expansion of activity.

Available funds are 500,000.00 KM, of which each entity may be granted up to 50,000.00 KM.

6. Project for training trainers for the EU fund project management

During September both a four-day training seminar for trainers and the training for municipal coordinators are expected to be organized.